Samstag, 26. November 2016

What am I doing in LONDON??

Hey there!

So far I'm actually following through with what I started – yaay. So here is the promised 2nd part of last night's update and the answer to the big question: 
What the hell am I doing in LONDON??
Soo.. The few people that have actually read my previous (German) posts and/or my NZ blog will know that I've wanted to study abroad since my 6-months-stay in New Zealand. 
And here I am. 
In London. 
Don't worry, that's not all the information you'll get. 
September this year I started studying English Law & German Law at King's College London. This means I'll be in London during 1st and 2nd year and in Berlin for my 3rd and 4th year, finishing my studies with the German State Exam. Well.. Only if I don't decide at some point that I'd rather do my Master's here – then I'd come back to London for my 4th (and final) year. Knowing me and how indecisive I am, this is still an option. 
There's not really anything else to say about my studies, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow! 

Lena (a.k.a tufybelle)

P.S.: Sorry, I know this was a rather boring post for those that already knew what I'm doing here but I thought it might be good if the others knew that there's more that qualifies me to write a blog about student life than just cooking pasta 3 (*cough* or more *cough*) nights in a row. ;)

P.P.S.: Tomorrow's topic will be a surpriseee!
(Means: I haven't really decided yet what I'm going to be writing about tomorrow – don't worry though, that's not because I'm already running out of ideas but because I can't decide where to start. Told you about my indecisiveness, don't judge me.)

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